Testimonials for Maternity Reflexology treatments with Sarah Vilensky

Sarah gave me reflexology during my pregnancy and labour and was present during the birth of my daughter. She was an incredibly professional, skilled and supportive reflexologist who worked with my changing physical body and also my changing emotions. During labour she worked with reflexology and massage and I would not have coped as I did without her healing hands and encouragement for over 18 hours straight. Her presence also helped relieve the pressure on my husband during the labour. I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah as a reflexologist and birth companion. 

Emma Abolins-Farrell, Peasedown St John 


During my first pregnancy I suffered with pre-eclampsia and had severe oedema. It was quite painful and I couldn’t wear a lot of my shoes, in fact I wore flip flops most of the time which wasn’t a lot of fun in January!  

Eager to not suffer the same during my second pregnancy, I took some friendly advice and tried reflexology. I’d never had this sort of treatment before so didn’t really know what to expect. Sarah took me through a series of questions, a lot of which was repeated each time I had a treatment to get an accurate picture of how I was feeling and what things had changed. I started having treatments every other week from 20 weeks pregnant, but towards the last couple of months this increased to once a week. Sarah was able to keep my oedema down, relieve any sciatica, help with heartburn, constipation and backache, all of which I suffered with at some point. Sarah always took time to listen to what I had to say, giving helpful advice along the way, and always took time to help me relax, thus getting the best out of the treatment. I fell asleep many times during the sessions as it was a great time to relax and feel a bit pampered. Although I did have to apologise for the snoring!  

I’m glad that I tried maternity reflexology during my second pregnancy, as many of the symptoms I had suffered first time around were alleviated. I felt calmer and much more well, able to cope with a growing bump and a small child, all without a flip flop in sight!!

Karen Coombes, Cheddar


I first met Sarah at a school summer fair. I was around 30 weeks pregnant with my fourth child having had a failed sterilisation. I can hardly define how devastated I felt to be in this situation having very clearly decided that I didn’t want any more children. From an emotional perspective I knew I had to accept the baby but was unsure of how to manage this. Also I found the pregnancy very physically demanding, I felt completely exhausted, I had insomnia, heartburn and nasal congestion. I was also suffering with severe headaches.  

I immediately felt an affinity with Sarah, and decided to have a taster session. It was amazing, as if the world fell away, this was for me, pure indulgence.  

I decided to book a full session at Sarah’s clinic. It is in the most beautiful, tranquil location. A lovely warm and comfortable room with views of the fields, soothing music and Sarah’s magical hands. Once in the clinic Sarah completed an extensive questionnaire and was extremely attentive, with the focus being on me getting as much as possible from my visit.  

The treatment was carried out on an amazingly comfortable couch with soft blankets in case I got chilly. When the treatment was finished I realised that I had actually been there for 2 hours. Sarah is definitely not a clock watcher and consistently gave her all to ensure maximum benefit. The treatment was completely tailored to my needs and I felt wonderful.  

I think I decided to have weekly treatments from then and this wonderful therapy became my salvation. I’m not sure how but I finally felt a real connection to my growing bump! Physically I was more able to sleep and my heartburn definitely eased. I also felt more energised and capable. As my treatments progressed Sarah provided me with information, including a foot ‘map’ so that my partner could try to continue her good work between visits. I would absolutely recommend maternity reflexology. Sarah is a wonderful therapist who I feel made a huge impact on my life at a time when I was extremely fragile. Thank you Sarah Vilensky I will always be grateful.

Nicola Robertson, Stoke St Michael, Somerset


Testimonials for Reflexology treatments

Sarah has a keen intuitive intelligence which enables her to pick up on a person’s needs for the body and spirit. It is translated through reflexology and massage in sometimes surprising and effective healing. I have known Sarah for 4 and a half years now and she has helped me enormously.

Alison, Bristol


I can fully recommend Sarah for all of her therapies. Sarah treated my late mother-in-law for 5 years up until 2009 when she passed away. During the 5 years Sarah treated my mother-in-law, alternating with aromatherapy massage and reflexology on a weekly basis, the benefits she derived from the treatments clearly helped her to remain mobile and to cope with her ageing process including management of skeletal problems, sciatica and eventually dementure, making the last years of her life far more comfortable than one would have imagined. 

I am a trained nurse who has worked caring for older people for 30 years and has the problems related to manual handling and stress in a very worthwhile, but exhausting job. Sarah has helped me to manage to live with painful joints, sciatica, allergies and sinus problems. Her treatments (particularly reflexology) have been of benefit to my sense of smell – I could not smell at all for over 15 years – now I get times in between treatments when I can smell (which is quite a shame as I am married to a farmer!) Sarah’s therapies have also helped me to manage my stress and hormone levels more effectively. I visit Sarah’s clinic on a weekly basis, though she does occasionally treat me at home too. 

Sarah is the best thing I ever picked up at a car boot sale!! (She was hairdressing there on Sundays at the time, which was how we met, in 2004) 

Jane Norman, Nempnett Thrubwell, Bath & North East Somerset


I have had many treatments from Sarah and hope to have many more! Throughout she has been an amazing practitioner and someone I trust, which I feel is so important. Sensitively, she treated me when I had a miscarriage, her thorough experience assisted a good recovery. For the past year she has been regularly treating me with reflexology and massage after a kidney operation. 

I was hiding another problem that was affecting my whole life. Sarah’s knowledge picked up the issue, she strongly advised me to seek my doctor’s advice. As a result I have been formally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (exactly what Sarah suspected). Its was such a relief, I had been pretending everything was OK when it really wasn’t. 

Thanks to Sarah I realised my poor physical state was not normal or pathetic, I don’t have to lie to my friends and family if I need rest and I now have help from the mainstream health authorities. However, Sarah’s treatments are without doubt the most positive ‘medicine’ for me. In every aspect she is ‘first class’ and everyone should have a ‘Sarah practitioner’ for a healthier and happier life.

Jess Adams, Street, Somerset


I embarked upon reflexology to alleviate stress and have found Sarah’s treatments not only treat stress but target a whole range of aches and pains. I have never made time for repeat treatments but now have my weekly slot and, although I am a member of a local hotel offering similar treatments, I have found nowhere else that compares to Sarah’s knowledge and approach. 

My sceptical husband has also become a reflexology convert! 

Maria Deacon, Oakhill, Somerset


Sarah is always welcoming and friendly. In the treatment room; she always has a towel & blanket so you’re feet don’t get cold.

When I first came for reflexology treatments I admittedly felt a little sceptical because it was a new experience and I wasn’t sure what to expect. During this time I was dealing with a lot of stress from work and was suffering from a bad back.

After each treatment I felt better which helped me to deal with the pain and my sleep improved tremendously.

Then it’s on to the reflexology itself. Absolute heaven and before I know it I am asleep. It’s what keeps me sane in my hectic life.

Jeff Deacon, Oakhill, Somerset


I have known Sarah for over a year, originally as she and her partner sometimes came to our pub for evening and Sunday meals. I was aware of Sarah’s work, but until sciatica reached breaking point a few months ago and nothing, not even prescribed pain killers, seemed able to resolve it, I decided there was no harm in trying reflexology. The only other therapy I have ever experienced is cranial osteopathy, which really helped my back problem, but unfortunately, not my leg. I discussed my problem with Sarah who thought she may be able to help with reflexology and I thought it was worth giving it a go. I admit I was very sceptical at first and didn’t really understand how working on my feet using reflexology could possibly help or have any effect. However, at that point I was in so much pain, I would have tried anything!

I was to be surprised, it took me a while to relax, but eventually, I found myself responding to the treatments, also noticing tingling and warmth rushing up my right leg when Sarah pressed on a trigger point in order to release the pain in my sciatic nerve. Sarah forewarned me this procedure may hurt to begin with; it did, but over time and regular treatments, it brought great relief after months of excruciating pain. It has been some time since Sarah had to apply the trigger point release; I just enjoy a full reflexology treatment without any pain; it is a very powerful therapy. The result has been that having previously hobbled around, I started to become more upright, more mobile, and less of a misery. I also noticed how much my energy had improved, how much happier, positive and relaxed I was feeling.

Sarah has spent a lot of time with me, taking the time to explain and report to me how reflexology works and what her findings have been. I attend her clinic on a weekly basis. I love reflexology and the music she plays during my treatments. I find myself drifting off, whereas before I couldn’t stop talking! 

Even though the sciatica barely bothers me these days, I enjoy having some time for me and the effect of doing something good for myself by having reflexology has really changed my life.

Mike Corp, The Beacon, Somerset


I have known Sarah for many years first through my Mother in Law and now as my Reflexologist and personal friend. She has helped me go through many hard situations in my life by providing kindness and very gentle hands in the time we were together, especially during the Reflexology sessions which have improved my health, my tiredness and lately, after a terrible accident, has helped the healing of a broken leg & knee by giving me new strength.

Myriam Griffiths, Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset


Testimonials for Complementary Therapy treatments

I was lucky enough to find Sarah 6 years ago when I was looking for a mobile hairdresser for myself and my husband, having newly moved to Somerset. I had no idea then that she was also the most amazing holistic aromatherapist. I’d had lots of massages in the past as I suffer from a bad back. I’ve found Sarah’s fit my needs more than any I’d previously had, especially with my need for a deep tissue massage. 

I had barely heard of reflexology but decided to give it a go and have only positive feedback to give. After my first treatment I had my first decent night’s sleep for months due to stress after my mum died. Since then I have had treatments about every 5 to 6 weeks, either at her premises or she does home visits to us. She is very flexible and I have been known to have a restyle haircut, and a massage with some reflexology included, all in one evening. My backache symptoms are mainly postural due to driving and sitting at computers. The treatments do help, I find them very relaxing, they help me sleep and have more energy. 

Sarah is fantastic at gearing treatments to my specific and sometimes changing needs. She always discusses these before the treatment and checks through it if any adjustments are needed. She also checks on me between treatments to see how I am. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to other people. She is the most amazing therapist and I feel lucky to also count her as a good friend.

Lis, nr Wells, Somerset


I met Sarah in the winter of 2008 when I attended a pamper day for ladies and she was demonstrating aromatherapy facials, skin care and make up. Since then, I have been enjoying holistic massage treatments with Sarah on a fortnightly basis. Sarah is very in tune with me and my body and will pick up on unspoken issues and is able to treat me accordingly. 

Although she will always ask me questions about how I am and check on my current health etc., Sarah is an intuitive therapist/healer as, for example, if its energy I am lacking, she will notice and give an energising treatment and if I am too stressed and hyperactive (sometimes the case in my line of work as a publican) she irons out my tensions on all levels with a slower deeper treatment using the appropriate aromatherapy oils and balmes. Sarah always works on my whole being and I feel very cared for because of this, she uses skilful reflexology techniques, which have helped to balance my hormones and reduce pain as well as varying her massage techniques to suit what I need at the time. I always look forward to my treatments every fortnight. A much enjoyed and needed breathing space in my often hectic life. 

Lucy Davies-Coward, Mells, Somerset