Recommended Reading

We recommend these books for further reading on your fertility journey:

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, internationally renowned expert on women’s health

Getting Pregnant Faster – Boost your fertility in just 3 months, naturally

Practical advice on:

  • Helping you conceive
  • Successful IVF
  • Preventing miscarriage

Natural Solutions to PCOS – How to eliminate your symptoms and boost your fertility

‘A great resource for any woman with PCOS looking to use natural approaches to manage their condition and have a baby’ Rachel Hawkes, Chair of Verity, the PCOS charity

Natural Solutions to Menopause – How to stay healthy before, during and beyond the menopause

‘The definitive guide to a drug-free, symptom-free menopause and enjoying a long and healthy life beyond it’ (on book cover)


Jessica Hepburn

The Pursuit of Motherhood

Written from the heart – a book that will make you realise that you are not alone on this journey, Jessica describes her experiences through her fertility struggles, with depth, humour, humility, all her emotions laid bare on a topic that many of us find difficult to share with others. I would also recommend this book to friends and families of those experiencing fertility issues as it will help you to truly understand the level of commitment, desperation, pain and sadness that often accompany this journey. Jessica is currently writing her second book.