What’s the difference between Regular Reflexology & Reproductive Reflexology?

When clients first call or email me, we may have a discussion or an exchange of email conversation which is when I am given an outline of the issues they may be having. 

One of the most common questions and also fears I have heard expressed is that reflexology should be avoided during medicated cycles. This would be the case with regular reflexology as, although very valuable in improving and maintaining general health, it is designed to balance the body and hormones and isn’t tailored specifically to fertility, certainly not where there are complications. The fear is compounded by the fact that general reflexology aims to assist the natural release of just one ova in a natural cycle as opposed to the increased number of follicles required for successful medicated protocols, e.g. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). 

Reproflexology™ is very different indeed. In fact, it is so different from general reflexology that I would only recommend clients seeking reflexology for fertility issues to attend the clinics of reflexology practitioners who are fully qualified to practice this very unique therapy. That is not to say that there are no other forms of ‘fertility reflexology’ or other fertility treatments available that may improve reproductive health, nor indeed alternative therapies, e.g. acupuncture, that have also shown be effective throughout medicated cycles. What I am saying is that I have never discovered a reflexology therapy that specifically targets each week of the natural menstrual cycle, through the three months of the sperm cycle, nor throughout medicated cycles, in quite the specific, ‘scientific’, way that Reproflexology™ does. 

Realising the possibility of the relationship her unique brand of Reproflexology™ could have with medicated protocols, Barbara continued to test her theories and developed her own very strict protocols mirroring the medicated model, to be applied directly alongside medicated conceptual care. As she says, “this is where we turn Reflexology on its head”. 

This is where reflexology becomes much more forensic and scientific in its approach than any other reflexology therapy I have experienced, as we are treating to enhance the efficacy of the drug treatment protocols and we must do so in as exacting fashion as they do. There is no room for anything other than mimicking precisely what the medicated protocols our clients are prescribed by their reproductive clinics. Seren therapists are trained to use these protocols in the same prescribed way. I will call them Seren Guidelines for Reproflexology™ in the Treatment of Fertility Issues (Seren Guidelines).