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Specialist Reproductive & Maternity Reflexology  with Sarah Vilensky

Once upon a time in a previous life I worked as a legal PA with law firms across London and the West Country. I became acutely aware of the level of stress our jobs often entailed (or we allowed), observing how little time many of us spent at home with our families and friends, seemingly living to work, rather than the other way around. 

These observations became the catalyst for changing my own life and inspired me to study and practice natural therapies with the aim of helping individuals and couples experiencing stress and trauma in their lives, gaining and raising awareness of how readily stress and trauma appear to manifest themselves in the being and the body, which frequently appears to be the origins of underlying chronic health problems, mental health issues e.g. depression, mental and physical exhaustion (e.g. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and has an enormous effect upon fertility

In the current world climate, it can sometimes feel impossible to slot in some ‘me time’ or ‘just us time’ and it is fairly well reported that we are seeing a decline in the fertility of our population with increasing numbers of couples seeking help to conceive. 

What we perceive to be a natural expectation or hope for the future, the dream that one day we will settle down and start a family, some of us discover, isn’t so easily achieved as we had imagined. This brings a whole mix of emotions and change. 

I hope by working together we can help you to realise those dreams. I won’t pretend it will be an easy journey for you, especially if you need medicated help. What I am able to offer you is specialist support to help you through the journey with Reproflexology™ to enhance your natural fertility or, if necessary, safely and cautiously, alongside your assisted medicated programme

I believe It is important we make time in our lives to simply be ‘still’, breathe and receive. Many complementary therapies e.g. Reflexology, Massage and Reiki as well as disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Healing each in their own way offer a space in the day or evening to do this, to permit ourselves freely and without guilt to find the joy in an unhurried and exclusive time for personal peace and relaxation, away from distractions such as mobile phones, emails, work and home commitments. Making a regular commitment to ourselves to completely ‘let go’ offers us an opportunity to ‘re-charge our human batteries’ on many levels and thereby helps us to grow as individuals, develop, transform and control our ‘life-work’ balance which may in turn bring resolution to and positive management of our physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual health, restoring balance and harmony to our entire being.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Sarah Vilensky